Friday, May 15, 2009

Since I have been hanging out in flickr, I have admired some of the blogs by other artists and it’s a good way to know them better. I thought this might be a good forum to share my thoughts and feelings about creating art. I hope you enjoy these posts.

First and foremost for me, creating a drawing or painting is not about making an image. It is a way of exploring some of the wonderful emotions that pass through my brain as I look at people, places and things. The art is the act of touching the emotion, exploring its nuances, feeling it in my body, walking around with it like a delicate suit of clothes.

Learning to draw was a struggle like it is for all art students; it wasn't until I got older and more comfortable in my own skin that I could discovered what drawing actually meant to me. I realized that it was an act of touching something I could not touch; I could feel like I was touching the person as I drew, and not just the skin, but the electricity under it. My hand would move as I reacted to the person I was drawing, and it acted as a seismograph of what I was feeling. The pencil strokes registering the delicate electrical vibrations that I felt dancing below the surface

When I wasn't drawing I found that occasionally I would see a person and could feel a sort of hand memory like I was drawing them very fast; the seismograph would go off in my head and I would walk around with a big smile on my face. It’s an amazing feeling!

So now I have my sketchbook and my seismograph and I am set for the day.

I would welcome posts from fellow artists about what drawing does for them, what goes through your noggin as you draw?

Best regards to all


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